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The J.S. Bach Home Page


Canadian Brass


Education American Music Conference
Music Educators whose jobs are in danger- AMC has APA research on Music & Child Development.

Michigan School Band And Orchestra Association
Internet Resources for Music Teachers
US Department of Education

This site is quite wide-ranging in general education topics, and has a search feature to help focus on your interests. href=""Percussive Arts Society Educator Resources


Dan Hall

Dan Hall is a talented musician, best known for his Great Lakes shipping trade songs. Through his Story Song Creations program, Dan has written and performed over 400 songs with more than 50,000 elementary school students. With the help of additional musicians, he and the students then hold a "recording session." Dan's Fix the Light CD is a great example of this fun.
Dan Hall is funny. During a humorous song, no one can keep a straight face.



Sibelius Academy Instruments


Flute Page

Japanese Flute
The history, theory, construction, technique, and sound of the Japanese bamboo flute is the focus here. Details include the preservation of "smoked bamboo", and Real Audio sound files. The best bamboo for flute-making is at least 100 years old. (This is the English text)

International Clarinet Association

Wurlitzer Clarinets
Wurlitzer has made instruments for literally hundreds of years.

Saxes Only

The International Saxophone Home Page
This site has many items of interest to saxophone players, including a history of Selmer saxophones, tips for players who want to extend the range of their playing, or want to play more than one pitch at a time ("multiphonics").


Sax on the Web

Wind Controllers FAQ
A wind controller is a device used in place of a keyboard, which allows woodwind (sax, flute, clarinet...) musicians to play a synthesizer.


Trumpet Geeks International

French Horn Resource Page

Thomas Bacon Horn Page Baritone or Euphonium

International Tuba-Euphonium Association

Tuba Christmas


Percussive Arts Society


Cello Music Collections
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Jazz Guitar Online
This site offers as its top-level choices: WHATS NEW!, Jazz Guitar Newsfile, Lessons Online, Jazz Guitar Q&A [FAQ], Sights and Sounds, Links, Guestbook.
Bob Patterson operates the site; there is an e-mail link to him on the page, or he may be contacted at: (812)334-3649


Jazz Improvisiation


Marshall Music
Marshall Music of Lansing, Michigan handles a great variety of musical merchandise.

MIT Music Library

Music for a Song

Music Resources
Published by the Sibellius Academy, Finland. (in English)

Music Resources on the Internet

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