The CAPITAL Roman letters in the chart above show the sound made by each of the letters in UNIFON. The advantage to using UNIFON is that there is only ONE way to spell any sound. If you can say a word, you can spell it. "Chart" above looks a bit odd, but the vowel is not the one in "Chafe", "Chad", or "Chalk". There are no silent or double letters, so the UNIFON spelling of "debt" is DET. Unifon has no lower case.

An Internet associate of mine, James Torck, created the first UNIFON font. The letters below retain their QWERTY placement (ignoring the shift key). Those keys which have changed are represented by "_" :

               _  W  E  R  T  Y  U  I  O  P

                 A  S  D  F  G  H  J  K  L

                  Z  _  _  V  B  N  M

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