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PAiA Electronics

The PAiA (pronounced either "pie-ya" or "pie-ee-ah", depending on where you live) site includes some musical materials (mostly needing assembly) which may be helpful. For example, the Theremax is a theremin (synthesizer controlled by your hands' proximity to pitch & volume antennae) kit. The original "Star Trek" theme melody was performed on a theremin (NOT a soprano singing "AW.."). Both the Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin used it, too.


Selmer has been a manufacturer of fine instruments for many decades.

Stanford Symphony Orchesta

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Windplayer Online

This online magazine has information for anyone who plays an instrument which is directly powered by lungs.
The instrument index page has links to pages for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, and Trombone.

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Yamaha Music
Yamaha makes *more* than motorcycles!


Zamir Chorale of Boston

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