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Internet Nancy


You can tell by how ecstastic I am about this little telegraph key that Morse code is one of my favorite things.


To learn more about what I do for my "real job" for the Feds when I'm not doing work for FISTS or writing, click here.

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My "souvenir" from The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas
They were trying to shut me up, I suggested to them that they incorporate Morse code into the show.

Genealogy is another one of my hobbies. I'm currently researching these names:
(John) Fuller: England > Pennsylvania > Michigan > Iowa > Oregon > Michigan
(Burrell) McFall: Scotland > Kansas
(Jane) Brown: Alabama > Kansas
(Anton) Kott: Kashubia> Castle Rock > Canada > Michigan
(Cerula) Thomas: England > Pennsylvania
And a supporting cast of tens of other names that pop up along the way!

This is my great-grandfather, Levi Fuller
Anyone recognize the uniform or bicycle?